"How Would You Like Us To Hold You By The Hand As You

Set Up (or Scale) Your Acting Business!"

We'll go over: headshots, reels, resumes, agents/managers, your acting profiles, goal-setting, promoting yourself as an actor, how to increase your auditions, and MORE!
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Love Acting But Find Yourself Feeling

Overwhelmed, Confused or Upset With The Business Side Of Things?
You're committed. You're passionate. You're available.

So WHY do you find yourself quietly thinking, "...will this work?" and "...why is it taking so long?" 

Do you wish that someone could just tell you STRAIGHT all the things you need AND how to get them, so you could finally audition like crazy and book more acting work?

Do you feel like all the "experts" are giving you conflicting advice and it is starting to feel WAY more expensive and overwhelming than you thought to be an actor?
How much MONEY have you lost because of
How much TIME have you wasted and acting OPPORTUNITES have you missed, because of a lack of industry "know-how"...
Don't wait or hope to be "discovered"... instead tell agents, managers, casting directors who you are and what you can do - by learning how to set up your acting business in a way so that it does the marketing for you!

Not knowing how to market yourself to bring in a consistent flow of auditions and only performing in acting class is a HUGE disservice to yourself as artist...The purpose of acting school is to practice in private so you can perform your best in PUBLIC (at auditions and on set)...

Going back and forth between bits of advice from acting teachers and peers, can waste days or even months, and can cost you unnecessary frustration...

Being passionate about acting but not knowing how to really set yourself up for success is devastating.
And after years of trial and error, I stumbled on a secret that changed EVERYTHING for me...
I have learned how to eliminate all of the guess-work of building out your acting business...

and as a result I created a new training program called THE ACTOR'S BUSINESS BOOTCAMP, and now...

with this training program, I am on a mission to help other ambitious actors just like you!
The Actor's Business Bootcamp Story
With Founder, Aleksandra Jade
When I first discovered that I wanted to be an actor years ago, I was very excited and consumed EVERY bit of information I could get my hands on. I went to all of the top acting classes in LA, bought all of the acting books, and even went to dozens of seminars, only to realize that I was getting half of the information I needed to win.

The education I got was all about how to become an actor and as great as it was, I was wasting all of my time trying to figure out how to get more opportunities to put all my acting training to work... 

How do I get an agent that is awesome and really believes in me? 
How many headshot sessions do I need to go through to find the perfect shots?
How am I supposed to set up and really optimize my acting profiles to get more auditions? 
...and so much more!

It was so confusing, and took so much time and effort and money, only to sometimes get random auditions that didn't fit quite right or I wasn't really interested in... I committed so much to acting classes but I wasn't able to get the exposure I needed to really put my acting skills... and I was left feeling so frustrated.

Then, as if by chance, I had my ah-ha moment that brought me to the realization that I needed to put all of this effort to learn HOW TO set up my acting business FIRST with the correct marketing to then attract my dream roles like a MAGNET.
Aleksandra Jade
Aleksandra Jade
Growing up in a family of small-business owners, Aleksandra was instilled with an entrepreneurial spirit. Feeling unsatisfied with "the waiting game," she decided to learn how to up the business side of her acting from the experts themselves and joined high-ticket coaching programs under marketing gurus Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

She blended her love of acting and entrepreneurship to form her company, Magic Joo Joo Productions. She went on to create "The Actor's Business Bootcamp" and several virtual events, such as "The 10-Day Monologue Challenge" that helped thousands of artists worldwide stay creative during the COVID-19 crisis. Her mission is to help ambitious artists shortcut their success. 

Aleksandra is known for her roles in Call of Duty: WWII, Lifetime's "Crazy Love" (now on Hulu), Lifetime's "A Tale of Two Coreys" and several worldwide commercials including McDonalds, Google, and Wii Super Mario Bros. Her acting work has also been showcased in film festivals across the country. Aleksandra is actively auditioning, acting and creating her own film projects.
"After going through it all, I realized that other actors were struggling so much with this, too. So I decided to put my head down and put together a training that would help people, who loved acting just like me. I created the best, most practical and straight-forward framework I could and I'm proud to see actors leave the bootcamp feeling enthusiasm and clarity...the results have been amazing!" -Aleksandra Jade
Can You Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like If Your Acting Business Was Attracting Your Dream Roles....All The Time?!
Imagine you wake up, and you get a DING on your phone. It's an email from your agent with a great audition. It's not great...it's kinda perfect actually. It's a role you want or people you want to work with. And you're excited to walk into that audition room and show your stuff.

And that little voice that was bullying you to quit earlier, is silenced.

Because with every awesome audition, and with every effort you put in, you know you are moving your career in a forward direction. And you feel that special pull of why you wanted to start acting in the first place.

No more self-submitting (unless you want to). You have a team for that.

No more confusion about headshots or demo reels. Your materials bring you the auditions you want.

No more wasting time sitting around in-between casting calls. You know exactly what to do to move your career forward. Better yet, you have a list of actions and you know what really counts.

Whether you’re brand new to acting or want to level up your career, our Actor's Business Bootcamp is the step-by-step blueprint to help free you as an artist. 

By the end of it, you'll have absolute clarity on your acting business plan and build it out quickly through the course. It's fun and you'll join the community of artists that are taking back control of their careers.

You'll up your marketability as an actor, and you'll even have the tools to reinvent yourself whenever you want.

Save yourself years of trial and error - learn and immediately implement this method TODAY to create real momentum and move forward in your acting career.
Our Bootcamp makes building out your acting business easier, faster and more enjoyable so that you can get back to what's most important to you - creating more of the art that you love.
The Actor's Business Bootcamp
A 10-Day Virtual Course Designed To Help You Build Out Your Acting Business!
We'll go over: headshots, reels, resumes, agents/managers, your acting profiles, goal-setting, promoting yourself as an actor, how to increase your auditions, and MORE!
Here's What's Included In Our Exclusive Offer...
Business Bootcamp Customized Kit (10 Day Plan)
Gain instant access to our exclusive Member's Area. Whether it be picking your perfect headshots, reels, fine tuning your resume, goal setting, designing your dream team and more, the Member's Area holds all of your lessons and materials in one convenient place!
The Actor's Business Bootcamp Workbook
This 32-page workbook is the tool that is going to ensure that we are creating a custom game plan your specific acting goals. From daily exercises, including career clarity exercise, branding and quickly putting together your business materials, this workbook is going to be your guide throughout the bootcamp. Designed and ready to print out each day from the comfort of your own home!
10 Days Of Video Missions From Aleksandra Jade
Every day of the bootcamp, Aleksandra will walk you through the training and exercises with her easy-to-follow and encouraging video tutorials. She'll show you exactly how to go about getting representation, create your marketing materials without hiring expensive designers and even how to optimize your acting profiles, and more.

Her credits include, the lead role in Lifetime's tv show "Crazy Love," the role of Erica in "Call of Duty: WWII," recently being a featured filmmaker at "LA Live Film Fest" and starring in numerous commercials, including Olive Garden, Google, McDonald's, Wii Super Mario Bros, and more.
7 Days Of Coaching Videos With Kyle Nussen
Kyle Nussen is a business coach that spends his days coaching individuals and businesses on how to scale their traffic, profits and growth. He's going to show you exactly what he does with his clients but specifically targeted towards the entertainment industry. Through Kyle's teachings, he will help you break limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from more success as well as building up a winning mindset.

Kyle has studied under some of the world's leading voices in entrepreneurship, such as Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson. At the young age of 26, he spends his days coaching multi-millionaires helping them scale their online businesses as a hand-selected Marketing Consultant at ClickFunnels.
BONUS: Access to Our Private Facebook Accountability Group  
BONUS: "Acting Business Checklist" for Maintenance and Growth Post-Bootcamp
Acting Business Monthly Checklist

This amazing tool will keep your momentum going strong! Think of this multi-page checklist kinda like your monthly meeting with a business coach - it is designed to help you measure your progress, brainstorm new ideas and keep expanding your marketing materials over time.
100% Money Back Guarantee
We 100% guarantee that you'll love this program, or your money back.
That's right. If you don't absolutely love this program, just email us within 14 days of your purchase and we'll give you back your money with no questions asked. Sound fair?
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From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the red button and create your account, then we can get started!

By the end of this bootcamp, you'll have your acting business set up, have a custom game plan that's right for you to attract the roles you want, your fundamental acting materials (headshots, reels, resume, etc.) ready to go, and know the best way to market yourself to your dream agents, casting directors and other industry professionals.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing your success story at the end of the bootcamp!

Aleksandra Jade :)

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

When you join The Actor's Business Bootcamp I'm going to send you 10 days of "missions" including video trainings and coaching calls to walk you through getting the business side of your acting career handled, give you a workbook with daily exercises to complete, and access to our private facebook accountability group, PLUS a monthly acting business checklist!

Oh, and if for some crazy reason you don't love the bootcamp - email us within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund.

Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for!?! Join The Actor's Business Bootcamp today!
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